Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

How SEO WATCH conducts online marketing for web sites:

SEO WATCH first analyzes the current traffic of a web site and develops a strategy how this can be improved if traffic is lacking or the wrong target group is reached.

Search engine optimization is not just to rank in search engines but mainly to achieve a good click through rate from the targeted visitors. This means that your web site should come up in the search results of the search engines with targeted keywords that are related to your content or theme of your site. Search Engine Optimization SEO Traffic Analysis

SEO WATCH applies different kind of marketing strategies to create more quality traffic to a web site, depending on the requirements the strategy is chosen, which fits best to achieve the goal.

For example: best is to create an informational web site with the effect that users will come back and visit your site again. Also to offer variety, entertainment and action is one good way to go. Users want to be engaged and informed.

Google AdWords is a tool, web site owners can use on the side but it is not recommended as the main focus and only channel for online marketing. To manage a successful Google Adwords campaign our team will create different landing pages, from which users will enter the web site, after having clicked on the ad in Google’s AdWords boxes. This will certainly help to measure the success-rate of the advertisement campaign the client is running at Google.

Using Google Analytics as the only information of the campaigns effect can create a distorted and incorrect picture of what really is taking place. The Urchin software, that is used by Google for their Analytics program, is stripped of many features, the output is delayed and as in forums of webmasters widely discussed full of flaws. Most well known draw-back is the slowing down of the web site, because the JavaScript offered by Google is connecting each time to the Google Server. Well, it is for free, so no claims can be made. So when you have performance problems check also this fact.

The landing pages are monitored by SEO WATCH and traffic is measured with a professional analytics tool and this will deliver either a positive or a negative result of the running campaign but the result will be correct at least and this is most important. This provides our customers with real control!

The strategies we use depend very much on the budget and in which industry the client is operating and how strong and active the competition is. Please notice that SEO WATCH only offers professional search engine optimization services for your company.

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